About Superfly Whistler Ziplines —

Superfly is Whistler's premiere zipline and treetop adventure company. We feature some of the most exciting and visually stunning backcountry ziplines in the world, while our Treetop course is packed with challenge and exhilaration. It all stems from our passion for adventure. Let's face it, when it comes to connections between individuals and the environment, few things are as powerful as playing in the great outdoors. Our core values are built around safety, attention to detail, sustainability, fun, and strong personal relationships.

What are your office locations & phone numbers?

The SuperFly office is located inside The Adventure Group storefront: #211 - 4293 Mountain Square, near the Whistler Village Gondola.
Phone: 604-932-0647.

What is your Operating Season?

Superfly Ziplines is open year round. The Treetop Adventure Course is open for the summer season only, typically May - October.

What are the Zipline Age / Weight Limits?

Zipline tours are open to guests aged 7 and up. Guests need to weigh a minimum of 27kgs (60lbs) and be no more than 114kgs (250lbs).

What are the Treetops Age Limits?

Minimum age 7-years-old, must be able to reach 180cms (5'11") for Full Course and 140cms (4'7") for Kids Course.

What should I wear?

Summer: Dress for the weather, in comfortable clothing including a warm shirt or outer layer. No loose clothing, large pieces of jewelry or open toes shoes.
Winter: Dress as if you are going skiing including pants, jacket, warm layers, boots, gloves and goggles. Forget something? We have waterproof outerwear, boots and goggles for use if needed.

Base Facilities —

Superfly is located in the peaceful old-growth forests of Cougar Mountain, just 10 minutes by vehicle from the Whistler Village. Best described as a small village, our base facilities are a collection of buildings and amenities from which we operate our tours. Our base sees upwards of 1,000 people on busy days and is a great place to host events, parties and retreats.

Our Story —

Superfly was born from the desire to share the transformative experience of flight. We help our guests embrace the challenge of letting go, of trying something new, and the bump in self-confidence that comes when you land on the other side. Superfly is all about moving through stunning wilderness landscapes with speed, excitement and friends. We'll show you the ropes and then let you soar.

Our Expert Guides —

At Superfly we are all guides. It's one of our company's seven core values, anchored by our relentless quest to surpass guest expectations. Being in the experience business, we believe that success starts with people. We take guest safety, enjoyment and feedback very seriously. From our office staff to our drivers, our guides to our executive team, we are here to make your Superfly experience the best it can possibly be.

Sustainability —

Sustainability is another core value of Superfly. Both environmentally and socially, our culture is rooted in a strong relationship with our natural environment and the desire to be responsible corporate citizens. Superfly is a 100% carbon neutral company and a sponsor of Playground Builders, a registered Canadian charity that builds playgrounds for kids in the planet's most war-torn places. Read more about our quest to be the most sustainable company of our kind throughout our website.

Accessibility —

At Superfly we believe that everyone should enjoy exploring the backcountry through adventure activities. We do our best to ensure we adequately meet the safety and comfort needs of each individual guest. If you or someone in your group has special requirements, please contact us in advance so that we can make appropriate preparations. There's nothing quite as liberating as flying, so don't hesitate to call.

Liability Waiver —

All Superfly guests are required to sign a legal release of liability waiver. A printable PDF copy of our waiver can be downloaded here.

Privacy Policy —

We are dedicated to keeping your information private and secure. Both our software and respected hardware and service provider are designed to ensure that your data is safe when communicating with us online. We collect only the information needed to identify you and your reservation. When ordering online with a credit card, we do not store your information on our servers. We will not rent, sell or provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals unless required by law.

Founder's Message —

Thank you so much for visiting Superfly Ziplines. If you are reading this, you are likely thinking about a zip line adventure in beautiful Whistler, BC where we have built the most spectacular zip lines in the world. With rides over a kilometre long and over 650 feet in the air, we are pretty serious about one thing - FLYING!

With the recent explosion of zip line operations around the world, chances are you have tried this activity before. Or perhaps you have some "flying fox" experience from your childhood and trust me, that counts too!

When we built Superfly, we wanted the experience to stand the test of time. Moreover, we wanted Superfly to be in the top 5% of zip line experiences on the planet. So, we set out to create something that would blow your mind. We hired (and still employ) some of the best and coolest engineers in the game. We decided to build impressive structures that are inspired by our west coast environment. Most of all, we chose an environment that is just far enough out of town to make you feel "out there". Our location is in the backcountry, but conveniently only 10 minutes away from Whistler Village. When you visit Superfly, you will see what I mean. You don't hear or see anyone else, you don't see any homes or ski lifts and all of this allows you to immerse in the experience of flight. And fun!

I'm really proud of everyone who works at Superfly because they have earned a reputation for service excellence that is unparalleled. I hope that I can show you what I mean if you visit us and I promise you that we look forward to welcoming you warmly.

Joey Houssian

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